Fenwick Bonnell, Victoria Garofalo, Albert Limshue, David Powell


Powell & Bonnell invites you to open the door on the Kips Bay Decorator Show House and discover the masterful mingling of traditional architecture & contemporary design. Rather than strip away the character of existing well conceived details, Powell & Bonnell chose to rethink the elements that form the home’s “soul” and play on them to re-energise the spaces. This process begins with keen senses; “We pay attention to our surroundings as they always tell us where we should go” says Albert Limshue.

A traditional envelope threads through the entryway, foyer & gallery spaces, paying respect to Neo-Georgian roots. Powell & Bonnell introduces a new theme with a sense that these spaces have a transitional garden like, casual atmosphere. An eclectic mix of contemporary details with custom furnishings & lighting, interact with abstract paintings, photography and sculptures to support the theme. When a thoroughly perfect piece can’t be found, a design is conceived and “purpose made” for the space, borrowing a cue from the surroundings and re-introducing architectural details that are nearly invisible: wall panel profiles in the foyer are replicated on the bases of an ottoman and the entrance niche flower holders.

A contrasting black and white palette, not expected in an entrance, establishes a textural backdrop and allows the micro detailed photography, neon framed painting, ceiling suspended installation and stainless steel sculpture to disrupt the seriousness of the spaces, with its otherwise conservative traditional details. The result is a melange of old and new, where seemingly disparate elements happily and respectfully play with one another in a delicate balance.


We are grateful to have been selected for the 
Kips Bay Decorator Show House in support of a great cause. We could not have done it without this fabulous group of supporters: